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What is Boise at Home?
Boise at Home is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit launched in 2016 to provide the services, activities and programs members want in order to live safely, confidently and independently in their homes and enjoy the neighborhoods they love.
Who can join Boise at Home?
Members may live in any neighborhood within the city limits of Boise or Garden City, Idaho. A relative or friend may purchase a membership for a resident of Boise or Garden City, even if the buyer lives elsewhere.

A member is someone age 50+ who:
  • would more fully enjoy life, retirement and/or free time if they had some assistance inside and/or outside their home;
  • chooses to remain in their home in order to enjoy a satisfying, healthy lifestyle and desires some assistance (non-medical) to do so;
  • is single, married, partnered or sharing their home with others.
If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.
What services and programs do members receive?
Transportation: round-trip rides to appointments, shopping and events provided by a trained volunteer (free) or a referred vendor (at a discounted rate).
Home safety check: annual visit by our contracted handyman to identify and correct any safety issues in or around the home.
 Household assistance: volunteer help with simple handyman tasks, snow removal, light garden or cleaning chores; other non-medical services as requested.
 Fun activities: social events, interest groups, exercise classes, coffee dates or meals out, etc., planned by members, for members! Some activities, such as concerts or classes, require direct payment by members.
Electronics coaching: assistance with learning or operating computers, cell phones, pads and other devices. 
 Office support: organizing an office, home or collection.
 Personal services: check-in phone calls, house-sitting, pet care.
Information and referral: one-call access (online or phone) to a knowledgeable "concierge" who can connect you to the resource you need.

Most services and programs, particularly those provided by volunteers, are covered by membership fees. Those that are not will be paid for directly by the member.

Members determine and manage the specific programs and services they desire.
Boise at Home seeks referrals from satisfied members and negotiates discounts with vendors for their services.
How does service provision work?
1. Member contacts Boise at Home by email or phone to ask for help with a specific task.

2. Staff or an administrative volunteer contacts a volunteer or professional partner able to help and puts them in touch with the member OR gives the member a list of preferred providers for the member to contact directly.

3. After the service is completed, the member gives feedback about it to the office online or by phone so Boise at Home can maintain quality control and improve future services.
What about social activities?
We attend concerts and lectures, form groups to pursue common interests or exercise, meet for coffee or meals, and toast our good fortune at happy hours. Social events are planned by  members for  members.
What does a Boise at Home membership cost?
Individual Member: $500 per year

Household Member: $650 per year

Charter Member (limited to the first 75 individual or household memberships sold): $425 Individual or $552 Household for Year 1 (a 15 percent discount). Also, annual fees for Charter Members are guaranteed to remain at $500 Individual/$650 Household in Years 2 through 4.

Founding Member: Like any start-up, Boise at Home must be capitalized. Founding Members are invited to invest $5,000, of which $4,500 (or $4,350 for a household) is tax-deductible to the extent of the law and the balance covers their membership services and programs for 12 months.

Sustaining Member: Any amount of $1,000 or more paid over and above basic Individual or Household membership fees defines a Sustaining Member and will be tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

What if I'm not ready to become a member yet?
There are many ways to support Boise at Home.
Donate today to help ensure that Boise at Home will be here for you tomorrow.

Become a Boise at Home volunteer

Tell your friends, loved ones and neighbors about Boise at Home.

Who can be a volunteer?
Volunteers are the heart and soul of Boise at Home—people of all ages, talents and interests are welcome, whether or not they are members. Members and volunteers are asked to provide feedback on all services provided, assuring satisfaction. Volunteers, provider partners and referrals are screened to protect members' safety and guarantee quality of service, and must complete an application. Volunteers are encouraged to become members as they age. They attend an orientation session and may receive additional training.
Who can be a service provider?
Any business or nonprofit organization may apply to partner with Boise at Home. To qualify, the business or service must be recommended by one or more current members and complete an application. By offering discounts or other benefits to Boise at Home members, our partners may find they attract many new customers.
Boise at Home
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